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Greens Health Shots is designed to contain cucumber, kale and spinach are known for their high level antioxidant properties and rich in electrolytes hence can prevent dehydration. They are known for its properties including anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. 

    • Made by cold press of farm fresh ingredients.
    • Made through sound science and knowledge.
    • Made with ingredients that are allergen free.
    • Made in United Kingdom in a Good Manufacturing Practice approved facility.
    • Contain no preservatives, no synthetic vitamins, no added sugar or sweeteners
    • Artificial flavour or colourings.
    • 100% recyclable plastic free packaging.


Apple, Cucumber (20%), Kale (15%), Lemon, Spinach (10%) and Mint.


Drink one shot 3 times daily or 3 shots daily as a food supplement or as directed by health professional.

For a better effect, take before a meal to clear the palate.


Store in a cool dry place

Please consume our 150ml MYALIXIR Health Shots Bottles within 3 days of opening. Keep product in the fridge and drink chilled.

For home freezing, the product is suitable for freezer storage. Defrost in the fridge within 6 months of purchase. Drink within 3 days of product of full product defrost.

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